Over 28 Filipino-Kiwi heroes honoured in 2014

Business Leader of the Year: Lito Banal.
Business Owner: Tres Marias Trading Ltd.
Chef of the Year: Darrow Benito.
Top Filipino Model: Cedric Pasco.
Artist of the Year: Ivy Padilla.
Comedy/Acting: James Roque.
Best Choreographer: Alyx Ty.
Recording Artist: ANABAC.
Entertainer of the Year: Russell Siayngco.
Talented Filipino: Vincent Sacay.
Female Artist: Jayvee Lagunda.
Cultural Group: Organization of Cordillereans in NZ.
Community Group: Waikato Filipino Association.
Community Leader: Anita Mansell QSM.
Community Ambassador: Ayla Matencio.
Community Ambassador: Justine Groen.
Migrant Advocate: Dennis Maga.
Charitable Work: Rohaibie Rennie.
Outstanding in Basketball: Unique Naboa.
Oustanding in Volleyballer: Carla Butler.
Outstanding Swimmer: Santana Chapman.
Top TV Presenter: Gerard Seth.
Popular Columnist: Louie Encabo.
Event Photographer/Videographer: Renz Reyes.